Activity Sheets

Printable Activity Sheets

Click on the links below to download some fun recycling activity sheets! Can you finish them all?

  1. Print out this find-a-word to see how many recycling words you can find!
    Small Find-a-Word
  2. This find-a-word is bigger and a bit harder! There are lots more words. The words can relate to the Red, Yellow or Green Bins. There’s even some great stuff to do with composting, too. This one could take a while! Are you up to the challenge?
    Large Find-a-Word
  3. Print out this crossword and see if you can solve it by answering the questions.
    Crossword I
  4. This crossword is a little bit bigger. See if you can solve this one too.
    Crossword II
  5. See if you can select the recyclable items in this sheet and colour them in. Choose wisely. Choose The Right Bin, Don’t Just Throw It In!
    Sorting Your Recycling
  6. Colour in your Red Waste Bin and see all the things that belong in there. Are there any surprises?
    Lil' Red
  7. Mr Yellow is your Recycling Bin. He collects the things we can use to make into new things from old things, over and over again. Colour him in!
    Mr Yellow
  8. Mrs Green loves all the things that come from your yard and garden. Can you colour her day?
    Mrs Green

Waste Wise

Harbour Cities Activities Packs

Need to check how you went? Struggling with some tricky ones?

Below are the answers to all of the puzzles in the Waste Wise Harbour Cities Activities Packs proudly created by Busy Nippers.

Answers 3-6 yrs

Answers 6-9 yrs

Answers 9-12 yrs