The Dunmore Recycling & Waste Disposal Depot is owned and operated by Shellharbour City Council. The community can dispose of their waste, recycling & organics.

Fees & charges

  • Note: Dunmore Depot is now cashless. EFTPOS cards and credit cards (excluding American Express) are accepted.




    (minimum charge up to 20kg)

    $414 per tonne

    (minimum charge $8.50)

    Garden organics <150mm

    (clean, separated lawn clippings & prunings)

    (minimum charge up to 20kg)

    $220 per tonne

    (minimum charge $4.50)

    Garden organics >150mm

    $414 per tonne


    (food waste, shredded paper, coffee grinds)

    (minimum charge up to 20kg)

    $220 per tonne


    (minimum charge $2.50)

    Veterinary Waste

    (minimum charge up to 10kg)

    $441 per tonne

    (minimum charge $4.40)

    Paper & cardboard – Commercial quantity

    (minimum charge up to 20kg)

    $250 per tonne

    (minimum charge $5)

    Clean & separated polystyrene – Commercial quantity

    (minimum charge up to 20kg)

    $414 per tonne

    (minimum charge $8.50)

    Concrete, brick or roof tile

    (excluding floor & wall tiles)

    $414 per tonne

    Mattress and/or mattress base

    -cot to king single size

    -double to king size


    $29 each

    $40 each





    $21 each

    $25 each

    Bulk clean earth (VENM)

    (suitable for Depot needs)

    Price on application

    Bulk clean earth (VENM)

    (not suitable for Dunmore needs)

    $414 per tonne


    (by prior arrangement)

    $600 per tonne

    (minimum charge $320)

    Waste requiring special handling

    (by prior arrangement)

    $503 per tonne

    Vehicle registration


FREE recycling drop off

At Dunmore Depot you will find the Community Recycling Centre which offers a FREE and easy solution for residents to dispose of their household problem waste for specialised recycling.

    • Metals: whitegoods, steel, aluminium, copper & brass
    • Fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers
    • Polystyrene – domestic quantities only
    • Cardboard & paper – domestic quantities only
    • Comingled recycling: glass bottles, jars, plastic food containers
    • Electronic waste (e-waste)– televisions and computer electronics only
    • Ink cartridgesMobile phones
    • Gas bottles propane
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Smoke detectors
    • Household batteries
    • Fluoro globes and tubes
    • Car batteries
    • Motor oil (under 25 litres)
    • Sump oil (under 25 litres)
    • Cooking oil (under 25 litres)
    • Water and oil based paints
    • Aerosols (spray paint)
    • X-Rays
    • Textiles – drop off at Reviva Dunmore

Dunmore Depot tips & tricks

  1. Organise your materials prior to arriving Dunmore.
  2. Remember to bring your card for payment.
  3. Drop off your waste and recycling in two separate transactions for a lower charge.
  4. Visit the Reviva Dunmore shop and offer your second-hand goods prior to disposal.


44 Buckleys Road
Dunmore NSW 2529

Phone: 4221 6200

Operating Hours

7:30am – 4:00pm Weekdays
8:00am – 4:00pm Weekends and Public Holidays
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday

Dunmore Depot Terms & Conditions

    • Hand unloaded cars, trailers, trucks and other vehicles are to dispose of their items inside the Transfer Station.
    • Prior to arriving at the weighbridge, please ensure your load is uncovered ready for inspection by the weighbridge operator.
    • All users must identify the type of material being delivered to the weighbridge staff, including any specified items (tyres, mattresses, asbestos) or any liquid or hazardous wastes.
    • When inside the Transfer Station, reverse up to wheel stops in designated parking bays.
    • Covered shoes must be worn at all times when outside your vehicle.
    • Engines must be switched off when unloading.
    • It is the responsibility of customers to hand unload their items and place them in correct locations, this may mean you need to bring helpers if you have bulky items.
    • Dunmore Depot is cashless. Bring an EFTPOS or credit card (excluding American Express) as your form of payment.
    • Once inside the facility it is a condition of entry that staff instructions are followed. Failure to do this may result in you being asked to leave the facility.
    • All users of this site must treat Council staff and their representatives in a polite and respectful manner. Aggressive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Offences will be immediately reported to the NSW Police.
    • There is strictly no smoking permitted on site.
    • Children and animals must remain in vehicles at all times.
    • Surveillance cameras are in operation throughout the site for everyone’s safety.
    • Any person deemed to have breached the conditions of entry may be denied future access to the site.
    • Council takes all care but no responsibility for any loss or damage to property, injury or death to persons arising from the use of the Dunmore Depot.
    • Persons entering this site shall be deemed to have accepted the entry conditions.