Residents can organise a bulk kerbside collection, where Remondis collect large unwanted household items that are too big for your bins.

Book a bulk kerbside collection


  • Step 1:
    Make an online booking

    Step 2:
    Make payment. You can:

    Remember to reference your booking number.

    Step 3:
    Place items on the kerb by 6am on your scheduled collection day, but no more than 24 hours before.

  • Collections generally occur every Wednesday.

    Public Holidays are excluded at the discretion of the Remondis team.

    • Mattresses and ensemble/bases (legs and/or wheels removed – fees apply)
    • Plastic storage containers
    • Whitegoods and hot water systems*
      • Systems no larger than 1m wide by 1m high
    • Timber items
      • including doors, window frames [up to 2m in length]
    • Tyres (Passenger vehicle & motorbike only – fees apply)
    • Saleable second hand goods
    • Small furniture items & appliances
    • Baby items & toys
    • Tools & equipment
    • Sporting goods, bikes & camping equipment
    • Clothing & shoes (unfit for charity)
      • Ensure clothing is bagged neatly
    • Rugs & carpet scraps
      • Pieces must be less than 2m lengths
    • Scrap metal*
      • Items must contain at least 70% metal

    *Can be taken to Dunmore Depot for free

    • Household food scraps
    • Building materials or commercial waste
      •  i.e. no asbestos, concrete, gyprock or bricks
    • Green waste
    • Sheet / plate glass or mirrors
    • Chemicals
    • Paints, oils batteries & gas bottles*
    • Recyclables*
    • Medical waste or syringes
    • Items more than 2 metres in length
    • Items too heavy for 2 people to easily lift

    *Can be taken to Dunmore Depot for free

    • Place items on the kerb by 6am on your scheduled collection day, but no more than 24 hours before
    • Put small items in unwanted boxes or bags
    • Place all items neatly, off the road and footpaths
    • Ensure items are easy for 2 people to lift
    • If you have more than 2 cubic metres (2m x 1m x 1m), you must book additional clean ups to cover the amount that you are presenting
    • Tyres and mattresses do not form part of your 2m3 allocation. Place tyres and mattresses in a separate pile next to your bulk kerbside pile