It’s National Recycling Week!

This National Recycling Week, 13-19 November, we are reminding Shellharbour City residents on how they can turn waste into opportunity! There are many ways we can recycle, not only with our yellow lid bins, but through other specialised recycling programs.

Check out some of the easy ways we can recycle beyond our household bins:

Dunmore Depot
At Dunmore Depot, we offer an easy solution for residents to dispose their household problem waste for specialised recycling. You can drop off the following items for FREE:

  • Metals including steel, aluminium, copper & brass
  • Cardboard & polystyrene
  • Household & car batteries
  • Fluoro globes & tubes
  • Oil (under 25 litres)
  • Smoke detectors
  • Paint (under 25 litres)
  • X-Rays
  • And more!

To learn more on what can be recycled at Dunmore click here.

Specialised Recycling Programs
Did you know the following items can be recycled locally at Shellharbour stores?

Makeup containers
Drop off your empty make up containers at Priceline Shellharbour. Find out what they accept & don’t accept here.

Runners, sneakers, trainers, golf shoes and more can be recycled by taking them to Rebel or Athlete’s Foot in Shellharbour. Find out their accepted items here.

Pet food packaging
Drop off your clean and empty dry food bags & wet food pouches at Best Friends Shellharbour. More info here.

Any type of battery (including lithium) cannot go into your household bins because they end up in landfill, can cause harmful fires and release toxic materials. Instead, you can safety b-cycle your batteries by dropping them at your local B-cycle point. Find your closest location here!

Let’s celebrate National Recycling Week by going beyond our red bins and recycling. Together we are contributing to a greener and more sustainable Shellharbour!