Downsize Your Waste Bin

Shellharbour City Council offers all new residents a 140 Litre Waste Bin as part of your residential waste service.

Some existing housholds have a 240 Litre Waste service (option ceased 30 June 2016).

Reduce Your Bin Size

Save money and help the environment by reducing the size of your Waste Bin. By choosing the smaller 140 Litre bin instead of the larger 240 Litre bin you send less to Landfill as well as saving on your annual waste levy. There is no changeover fee to reduce the size of your Waste Bin.

Downsize & Save

Could you do with an extra $140? Why pay for air?

With the introduction of the weekly FOGO service ALL food waste should now go into your green lid bin.

Almost 40% of the average red lid bin contained food prior to the introduction of FOGO.

If you now consistently have more room in your 240L red lid bin why not downsize?

A 140L waste service costs $140/yr less than a 240L service (based on 2017/2018 costs)

To arrange this click here.

Note: You can not increase from a 140L Waste Bin to a 240L Waste Bin.