Are Different Size Bins Available?

Shellharbour City Council’s Vision & Objectives

Shellharbour City, like many communities across Australia, is facing major challenges with the collection and disposal of solid wastes. Landfills are fast running out of space and there is growing community concern for councils to take a more sustainable approach to waste management.

To address these issues a Waste Strategy was developed by Shellharbour City Council in 1994, and updated in 1996 and 2002. The ultimate vision for waste management in Shellharbour LGA is “a community generating minimal waste which considers the waste produced a valuable resource, to be managed sustainably”.

The objectives identified to help residents and business accomplish this vision are to avoid the generation of waste. This can be achieved if you:

1. Increase the reuse and recovery of materials from the following waste streams:

  • Municipal – recovery target 66%
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Construction & Demolition

2. Minimise adverse impacts of waste operations on public and environmental health and safety

3. Ensure the provision of Council’s waste services is cost-effective and equitable

Key Considerations In Evolution

Since 1994, Shellharbour City Council has made numerous strategic changes in response to community expectations, and internal and external drivers such as diminishing Landfill capacity and evolving State and Federal legislations. Council implemented a waste collection service that will enable Council to meet the State’s 66% municipal waste recovery target.

The recommended waste service consists of:

  • Recycling 240 Litre (Yellow Lid) Bin for the fortnightly collection of dry recyclables,
  • Organics (FOGO) 240 Litre (Green Lid) Bin for the weekly collection of food waste and garden organics.

Note: The introduction of this service requires the establishment of a processing facility capable of treating the food component of the organics stream. Council is working collaboratively with the Southern Councils Group to establish such a facility, likely to be operational by mid 2016.

  • Waste 140 Litre (Red Lid) Bin for the fortnightly collection of residual waste that is not disposable within either the Recycling Bin or FOGO Bin.